Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Green at Eighteen

The green at eighteen does interesting things to a player. The last putt of a round can really make one think a great deal of things. Yesterday I took first place at a golf tournament at Southgate in St. George after finishing the last few holes in heavy precipitation. During my final putt on eighteen, the round flashed before my eyes. A number of things had happened. The second place competitor had holed out three times in front of me. The first time he did so from a lateral hazard fifty yards away from the green for birdie. The next time he dropped one in from forty-three yards for par right after he had hit one into the water. His final hole out was for eagle from one-hundred-seventeen yards. With four holes left to play I was down five strokes to him. Believe me, it's no pleasant thought knowing that you have to make up at least one stroke a hole and then some. But I kept my head down, played strong, and my competitor made some mistakes. I ended up winning the tournament by two. On the finishing green, I thought to myself: what was the source of such determination?

The Weather Starts to Clear as I Finish Out on 18

I realized a portion of it had come from this blog. You see, by explaining to others how to improve their game, I solidified a great deal of mine. Through the rain on the last few holes, I kept reminding myself of the fundamentals. On drives I made sure to close my face and keep my body aimed to the right to hit long and straight. Approaching the green I kept control over my trajectory and made sure I was aimed appropriately. From there, all I had to do was judge the greens (which at Southgate proves to be quite difficult).

I also realized how much I've grown as an individual. In the short thirteen months of my golf career, my nerves have been tested multiple times. I've been forced to play in countless clutch situations, and this was the first time I had kept my head down and won. A few months into my career I played at the Utah Jr. Open at Glen Eagle golf course. I had a one stroke lead going into eighteen, and had never been so excited. For those of you who don't know the eighteenth at Glen Eagle, it plays as a par five with an island green. Anyways, I had hit my drive perfect and left myself with about two-hundred-ten yards. It was makable in two. But deciding I was in the drivers seat and the tournament was mine to lose, I laid up to a three quarter wedge distance. It didn't matter though, because I chunked my wedge shot and ended up short in the water. I did the same thing when I went to the drop zone. On that one hole I had lost the tournament and two balls. Gaining seven strokes on four holes proved how far I've come. That's why these thirteen months have meant a great deal to me. Comment below and tell me what's happened to your game in the past year.

See you on the green at eighteen,


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